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For my Senior Capstone, I focused on creating a concept for what I call an “E-Supermarket” by the name of Grocery. Grocery is the halfway point between a wholesaler for small designers and a hub to discover new creatives to support. Each month, Grocery will collaborate with a small designer that shares our values on inclusivity and sustainability on an exclusive line of products to be sold through the site. Then, when a collaboration is over, the designer will enter our archives, so that the love story between our customers and these designers may continue on long after they’ve left our site. Grocery is meant to not only cultivate these fresh labels, but also continue to help them grow their own platforms. To see the whole project, check out the slide show below!

Special thank you to Joe Tankersley, Anna Shao, and Seth Stomberger for their contributions.

Creative Direction: Anna McGregor
Web Design Mockups: Seth Stomberger
Photo: Joe Tankersley and Anna McGregor
Graphic Design: Anna McGregor
Modeled by: Anna Shao and Joe Tankersley