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Notes on Productivity (Featured on The Manor here)

Role: Creative Director, Photo, Styling

“As creatives, we are constantly pressured to push past creative burnout. Our art gets confined into boxes of what is marketable, and we get pushed to pursue quantity over quality. I often find myself feeling crushed by the weight of what I could achieve, rendering me immobile to procrastination and, therefore, stagnation. I procrastinated writing this. Not because I did not feel passionate about what I was creating, but because it is hard to put into words the struggle of working against exhaustion when it comes to my art. I often feel the push and pull between the fast industry demands and my desire to create something slowly, with care. Therefore, I explored that feeling of confinement for this series and found the delicate beauty that remains within it.”


Creative Direction, Words, and Styling by Anna McGregor.
Photography by Anna McGregor.
Photo Assistance by Sierra Aguilar.
Makeup by Wyatt March.
Modeled by Reyna Pappatto, Myles Benefield